A is for Johnny Appleseed

Ms. Taylor and Ms. Selena's class

The kindergarten students and their teachers had a great time on a little adventure they had at school a few weeks ago. Since they were learning about the letter A, they decided to learn about Johnny Appleseed! Johnny Appleseed was an Apple business man. He used to work at his neighbor's apple orchard and that's what made him want to start doing apples. But enough about Johnny Appleseed, let's talk about the kindergarteners and how much fun they had. While the kindergarteners were learning about Johnny Appleseed they made paper hats that looked like pots and put them on their heads. Then they went to the lunchroom for a little snack. They had marshmallows, apple juice, and apples with caramel. They also had a very special guest, Johnny Appleseed!

Written by: Alexus Foskey 5th grade student @Satilla Elementary School